Sweetser Circle Planning Study, Everett

City of Everett
Everett, Massachusetts

Sweetser Circle is located at the intersection of Main Street, Broadway, and Revere Beach Parkway (Route 16). Constructed in 1956, it’s a key connection point between the North Shore, Everett, Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston. It experiences heavy daily use and has been identified as a major regional bottleneck. The large radius of the Circle encourages drivers to maintain high speeds, which contributes to a rising number of crashes, and the lack of standard signage and pavement markings allows a second lane of traffic to form during peak hours.

HSH is developing conceptual design alternatives to address the operational, safety, and multimodal connectivity issues experienced by all roadway users within the project area. The design alternatives are considering both keeping existing roadway infrastructure (e.g. bridge elements) to the largest extent possible and a complete redesign of the intersection to achieve the maximum mobility and community benefits. HSH is evaluating the constructability of the design concepts along with determining structure costs, both for existing bridge rehabilitation and for new structures.