Quincy Center Transportation Improvements, Quincy

City of Quincy
Quincy, Massachusetts

 Quincy Center is home to City Hall and a bustling urban core. HSH is proud to have collaborated with the City to deliver a high-profile, sophisticated, Complete Streets project from PRC approval to Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) plans, specifications, and estimate (PS&E). Our feasibility study and associated traffic flow modeling showed that closing a section of Hancock Street, coupled with circulation changes, would enable the vision of a new civic space – one that reconnects the Church of the Presidents with Quincy City Hall and the Quincy Center Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Station. 

HSH coordinated with utility providers to upgrade and relocate their infrastructure, and design updated municipal water, sewer, and drain to allow the park to be constructed. HSH’s design also included stormwater management, irrigation supply, and provided unique requirements of the water features including water supply, recirculation, and drain lines. 

The $6.6M MassDOT transportation project incorporated new bike lanes inviting cyclists to access the adjacent MBTA Station. Important pedestrian accessibility improvements were featured, including raised crosswalks with hybrid beacon (HAWK) pedestrian signals to serve the significant pedestrian activity in the Center. HSH received the Silver Award from the ACEC/MA Engineering Excellence award in November 2017.