Intersection Improvements at Harts Four Corners, Taunton

City of Taunton
Taunton, Massachusetts

HSH’s work included final design of several mitigation components to accommodate expected traffic increases. For this approximately $2.7M intersection improvement project on the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), the location was ranked among the top crash locations (#27) in the State and #8 in the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) District 5 in 2014. The design included improvements to the intersection geometry along with the addition of exclusive left-turn lanes on all four approaches and roadway widening to eliminate substandard taper lengths. New traffic signal equipment, sidewalks, crosswalks, wheelchair ramps, bike accommodations, drainage improvements, and pavement markings were also included as part of the project. It included the design and implementation of best management practices (BMPs) for sedimentation and erosion control. Stormwater quality design improvements also included the implementation of deep sump catch basins, water quality swales, infiltration drywells, sedimentation forebays, and sedimentation basins. An additional mitigation component was the redesign of the interchange of Route 140 at Route 24. HSH developed the concept for this improvement and developed 25% design plans for the portion of Route 140 between Stevens Street and Route 24 interchanges, and Average Daily Traffic (ADT) of over 40,000 vpd. This included ramp realignments and widening of Route 140.