East Milton Square Reconstruction

Town of Milton
Milton, Massachusetts

 HSH led a parking and access study to help reconnect the East Milton Square area. The team worked with the Town, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), the business community, and residents to understand the short- and long-term constraints, articulate an area vision, and produce practical and implementable recommendations to correct deficiencies to achieve said vision. Study challenges included: 

  • Validating study goals and objectives, defining the evaluation criteria, and developing the public participation plan; 
  • Collecting pertinent data and further developing and evaluating the issues; and 
  • Addressing/minimizing the issues and presenting up to five alternative scenarios for short- and long-term improvements, including a No-Build alternative, a Locally Preferred Alternative, and HSH’s recommended alternative. 

After a rigorous public process, the Town selected a preferred alternative and HSH assisted with initial traffic tests with positive feedback from the surrounding community of citizens and merchants.