Who We Are

One Purpose. One Mission. One Company.

Howard Stein Hudson (HSH) is a full-service planning and engineering firm that improves communities through inclusive engagements and creative solutions. Our collaborative approach with clients relies on sound technical, planning, and engineering expertise and combines it with knowledge of community/stakeholder issues and needs.

Driven by our mission and underpinned by our values, we address engineering and planning challenges and aspire to deliver a better world.

We improve communities through inclusive engagements and creative solutions.

Respect:  We foster respectful, collaborative, and inclusive environments. We listen to and value each other.

Responsibility:  We approach our work as a team.  We take care of our whole community and continuously seek ways to improve ourselves and the firm.

Relationships:  We collaborate with each other, our clients, and the community.

Integrity:  We are honest, ethical, and trustworthy.

Accountability:  We hold ourselves and each other accountable for the firm’s products and outcomes.

Work-life balance:  We promote healthy and sustainable life rhythms by respecting each other’s time.

Advancement:  We foster continuous professional development from within the company.