Gainsborough and St. Botolph Streets Reconstruction, Boston

City of Boston
Boston, Massachusetts

The Gainsborough Street Improvement’s Project is a major element in the transformation of the New England Conservatory campus.  Funded through a Federal Earmark granted to the City of Boston, at the behest of NEC, the Gainsborough and St. Botolph Street Improvements are just a portion of NEC’s Institutional Master Plan.

HSH worked with NEC to provide a design that would improve the safety for NEC students and also beautify the campus.  Through HSH’s roadway, utility, and traffic design this project has significantly enhanced the mobility, safety and esthetics of NEC and provided a campus focal point. 

HSH’s raised midblock pedestrian crossing has provided the necessary traffic calming measures to reduce excess speeds through NEC’s campus, while improving pedestrian safety in a high frequency crossing location.  These improvements will continue to foster low speed vehicle traffic, heighten pedestrian activity, and provide a safer bicycling environment.