Everett Bus Stop Improvements

City of Everett
Everett, Massachusetts

As part of the City of Everett’s groundbreaking implementation of a Bus Prioritization Lane during the morning peak hour on Broadway, HSH assisted the City with consolidation of several bus stops and signal priority capabilities to provide additional efficiency. HSH’s efforts involved coordinating the City’s needs with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) officials and ultimately gaining approval of the bus stop consolidation efforts. HSH assessed the existing pedestrian curb ramps and sidewalks within the project area for ADA/AAB compliance as required by the MBTA. HSH took detailed field measurements, performed analysis, and reported data for 72 pedestrian ramps and sidewalks between Gladstone and Ferry Streets along Broadway. HSH helped the City identify and prioritize rehabilitation of 20 pedestrian curb ramps and sidewalk sections to meet MBTA requirements for ADA compliance between bus stops. HSH prepared a preliminary design submission for the 20 curb ramps and sidewalk sections, and the project was advanced to final design in early 2018.