O’Brien’s Corner Improvement Project, Agawam

Town of Agawam
Agawam, Massachusetts

The project focuses on safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists navigating the intersection, while maintaining vehicle operations. The design will tighten the radii of Maple Street intersecting with Springfield Street to provide traffic calming. Project elements include: a six-foot sidewalk and eight-foot shared use path; sidewalks to create defined entrance and exit routes from the parking lot east of Rowley Street, reducing pedestrian and bicycle conflict with vehicles; curb extensions; high-visibility pedestrian crosswalk and bicycle crossings; and shared lane markings, referred to as “Sharrows,” at project termini. A slight alignment shift in Springfield Street to the west of O’Brien’s Corner will provide a traffic calming effect as drivers approach the intersection. The existing traffic signals will be upgraded to include new pedestrian posts, countdown indication, accessible pedestrian signals (APS)/ vibro-tactile pedestrian pushbuttons, video detection, and emergency vehicle preemption. It includes the design and implementation of best management practices (BMPs) for sedimentation and erosion control. Finally, there is a bus stop along Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) Route 14 located within the project limits that will be improved and made ADA-complaint.