Hampden and East Longmeadow MVP

Towns of Hampden and East Longmeadow
Hampden/East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

HSH is assisting the Towns of Hampden and East Longmeadow to plan and implement resiliency strategies to protect the communities from threats associated with climate change. Our work includes helping the municipalities to address priorities identified through their Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program planning process. The Towns received MVP planning grant assistance to identify local vulnerabilities and strengths, and prioritize actions to protect their residents, infrastructure, and environment from climate change impacts.

Hampden’s MVP Planning grant included additional funding to support the Town, working with HSH, to conduct a flood assessment of Hampden’s Main Street. HSH is now working with both East Longmeadow and Hampden with MVP Action Grant funding to implement their priorities including assessing stormwater culvert infrastructure, developing and facilitating student planning and municipal preparedness workshops, public education, identifying Green Infrastructure (GI) and Low Impact Design (LID) solutions, and identifying locations for pollinator habitat installations. Projects will also identify next steps in each community’s efforts to build local resiliency.