Resurfacing and Related Work on Route 20

Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Marlborough, Massachusetts

HSH is working with the City and MassDOT to reconstruct and enhance the roadway to improve conditions for multimodal travel and to ensure that the roadway is serviceable for many years to come. The purpose of this project is to provide improvements to safety, pedestrian and bicycle user accommodations, pavement condition, stormwater management, and traffic control devices along Route 20. The proposed project limits extend from Peters Avenue to the Sudbury Town line for a total length of approximately 2.4 miles. The design will include proven and tested transportation design and Complete Streets treatments that promote and enable safe travel and activity throughout the corridor.

HSH designed and permitted new stormwater management systems using the MassDOT stormwater Handbook and the MADEP Stormwater Policy Manual. The BMP’s used on the projected included deep sump catch basins, grassed swale, sedimentation basins, dry wells and infiltration basins. Total project cost is $15.5 million with $12.8 million being participating items and $2.7 million being non-participating items paid for by the City of Marlborough.