Beacon Street Transportation Improvements

Boston Transportation Department
Boston, Massachusetts

As part of an on-call contract, HSH prepared transportation improvement design plans for Beacon Street from Miner Street to Kenmore Square for the Boston Transportation Department (BTD). The goal of the design is to increase safety and connectivity for bicyclists traveling on Beacon Street. The project proposes to remove a section of median along Beacon Street to continue to accommodate the same number of vehicular lanes along the corridor while providing separated bike lanes along both sides of the street. Modular base flexposts are proposed to serve as additional vertical separation for bicyclists. Other design elements incorporated include new pavement markings, signage, and daylighting. All proposed pavement markings and separated bicycle design are in accordance with the new Boston design details developed by the Active Transportation group. HSH has coordinated with the nearby development project which has planned to construct a new traffic signal within the project limits to incorporate this future condition into the design to ensure the two projects integrate seamlessly. HSH has continued coordination amongst the groups within BTD to continue to develop the design for construction