Mount Auburn Street Corridor Study, Cambridge | Watertown

Department of Conservation and Recreation
Cambridge/Watertown, Massachusetts

HSH advanced a study of the Mount Auburn Street and Fresh Pond Parkway intersection and their related corridors. The primary objective of this study was to improve the safety, comfort, and operations of all modes of transportation. The study also included looking at solutions such as a road diets to provide improved accommodations for bicycles and pedestrians. HSH led the team that focused on transit and traffic engineering, a unique approach to community engagement by engaging local residents through the use of WikiMapping and other tactics, and conceptual roadway design. The products of the study included both short- and long-term improvements for the area that incorporated the best practices in Complete Streets design. As part of the Study, a Road Safety Audit (RSA) was conducted at three high-crash intersections and, as the Study involved examining roadway improvements that would help increase safety, the RSA was necessary to determine the safety issues at these intersections and determine possible solutions to resolve these issues.