Jamaica Plain/Roxbury Transportation Action Plan, Jamaica Plain | Roxbury

Boston Transportation Department
Jamaica Plain/Roxbury, Massachusetts

HSH worked with the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) to prioritize a series of transportation improvements to benefit residents of the growing neighborhood along the border between Jamaica Plain and Roxbury. The community’s desires led the development of this plan, filtering down from a widely cast net for comments and questions (collected online, in the street, and in public meetings) to opinion polls, to a final list of feasible and widely supported projects.

The project followed a new land use plan for the neighborhood (PLAN:JP/ROX) that has a strong interest in improving the intersection at Egleston Square for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit; improving Washington Street corridor’s “friendliness” to pedestrians; and creating safer connections for all residents to the Southwest Corridor and its four Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Orange Line Stations. Examples of analysis conducted to develop the short- and long-term action kits included existing and future multimodal mobility and demand, on-going development, and land use, curb use, and safety.