Children’s Hospital Brookline Place

Children’s Hospital Boston
Brookline Village, Massachusetts

Brookline Village offers the charm of a small village close to Boston and busy Route 9. Boston Children’s Hospital embarked on the redevelopment of One and Two Brookline Place to take advantage of both of these characteristics. The developments enable the Hospital to provide ambulatory-clinic care in a more convenient neighborhood setting that is less congested and less than a mile from Longwood for local patients and families. 

HSH provided a transportation impact study supporting the changes to the existing mixed-office and retail development and construction services. There are many construction constraints to keep access to the buildings available while managing a tight schedule including providing sufficient parking and public access for the doctors and their patients. Sufficient laydown area for construction staging and truck access was needed as was minimizing impacts to the Brookline Village Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) stop. The project added approximately 229,500 square feet (sf) of medical office, general office, and some retail space on the ground floor. The garage was demolished and a new garage constructed to provide a single parking structure for both the existing land uses and new project.