East Village at Northeastern University, Boston

East Village at Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts

The East Village at Northeastern provides 720 beds to the University in a combination of dormitory and suite style accommodations. The building also hosts offices and classrooms. HSH coordinated
the preparation of the Project Notification Form (PNF) and the Institutional Master Plan (IMP) Amendment submitted to the Boston Redevelopment Authority. The project included the
reconstruction of St. Botolph Street adjacent to the project site, the addition of new pedestrian sidewalks, and a new pedestrianized area that serves as an enhanced gateway to the Northeastern campus.

HSH worked closely with the architects, Northeastern, and the YMCA on pedestrian, vehicular, and loading/ service vehicle access. HSH also prepared a detailed transportation study, a construction
management plan, and the transportation access plan agreement. HSH led site design on the project that includes a stormwater infiltration system designed to meet the City of Boston’s Groundwater
Conservation Overlay District requirements. HSH obtained permits and approvals from the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, the Public Improvement Commission, and MA Department of Environmental Protection.