Women’s History Month Coffee Hour

March 20, 2024

This month we were pleased to have Shavel’le Olivier and Chavella Lee-Pacheco, founders of Consult Lela, as guest speakers for our March Coffee Hour celebrating Women’s History Month! We all had the privilege of hearing how Shavel’le and Chavella are making a significant impact in their communities. From discussions about decision-making power to personal journeys of empowerment, the event was both enlightening and inspiring. One of the key takeaways from the event was the importance of community-oriented leadership. The need for transparency in decision-making processes within state agencies was emphasized, highlighting the significance of understanding who holds the decision-making power. Shavel’le and Chavella emphasized the critical role of transparency in fostering trust and engagement within communities. Moreover, the event underscored the value of amplifying diverse voices within our communities. By providing a platform to share their personal journeys and experiences, we not only celebrate their achievements but also recognize the unique perspectives they bring to the table. As we strive to create inclusive environments, it’s essential to embrace the richness of diversity and actively promote representation.

To learn more about our speakers, please visit https://consultlela.com/meet-the-team


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