Project Spotlight: Adams Green Transportation Improvements

January 10, 2013

Although it’s called a “transportation improvement project,” Adams Green in Quincy, Massachusetts is so much more than that.

Quincy Center is home to a lot of history and activity:

  • the United First Parish Church, aka the Church of the Presidents, and the final resting place of John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and their wives;
  • Quincy City Hall;
  • Crane Public Library;
  • Quincy High School;
  • 3.5 million square feet of mixed-use redevelopment over the next several years;
  • AND, the jewel of Quincy Center, the new Adams Green civic space, which is currently in design.

The Adams Green transportation improvements are the first piece of many planned with the goal to revitalize downtown Quincy, and these will tie together all the other elements, both existing and future.  Closing a section of Hancock Street enables the vision of a new civic space, one that reconnects the Church of the Presidents with Quincy City Hall and the Quincy Center MBTA Station, one of the busiest in the system, serving the Red Line, commuter rail, and numerous local bus routes.

The Adams Green transportation improvements conform with MassDOT’s Complete Streets policy and guidelines.  These include bike lanes, bike boxes, wider accessible sidewalks, new lighting, and a new traffic signal at the station entrance to improve bus service efficiency.  The project will also feature raised crosswalks at two locations with hybrid beacon pedestrian signals warning motorists when pedestrians are present.

HSH has been working with MassDOT and the City of Quincy to complete the design, and the project is scheduled for advertisement in late February 2013.  You can read more about the transportation improvement project at

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