International Day of Peace Coffee Hour

October 04, 2023

After a brief summer hiatus, the HSH Equity and Inclusion Committee hosted a successful September Coffee Hour! Held on the International Day of Peace, HSH staff learned about the United Nations (UN) campaign to inspire people to act on Sustainable Development Goals – a Healthy Planet, a Just Society, a Better Economy, and a World Working Together. According to the UN, “the Goals can improve life for all of us. Cleaner air. Safer cities. Equality. Better jobs. These issues matter to everyone.” As of October 3, 2023, 15,056,018 actions towards these Sustainable Development Goals have been taken across the globe.

HSH also used this time to reflect on our summers, look ahead to the final quarter of the year, and debate how early is too early for pumpkin spice. Staff gathered in small groups to share accomplishments we’re proud of from this summer; our summer travel adventures; summer connections with coworkers outside of work; things we’re looking forward to this fall; things we want to accomplish in the last quarter of the year; and when should pumpkin spice items be dropped? The debate was fun and lively with a resounding consensus that, yes, August is too early to drop pumpkin spice!


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