HSH Selected for Chelmsford Zoning Project

October 26, 2012

HSH has been selected to assist the Town of Chelmsford, Massachusetts with a series of zoning amendments for targeted revitalization and redevelopment areas in the community. HSH will begin the process by evaluating existing development and settlement patterns in Chelmsford to gain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the Town in preparing appropriate zoning amendments and other land use regulations. The Town has identified several high priority and baseline zoning amendments to be completed including Mixed Use Redevelopment District Overlay Bylaw, Redevelopment Bylaw, Inclusionary Zoning Bylaw, Site Design and Building Guidelines, Center Village Zoning District, Mill Overlay District, Smart Parking standards, and “Model” zoning bylaws to preserve and protect agricultural, historic and open space resources based on recommendations from the 2010 Master Plan.