HSH Honored for Diligent Service at the Fore River Bridge Replacement Project Groundbreaking Event

October 26, 2012


On November 12, 2012, HSH’s Public Involvement Specialist Nathanial Cabral-Curtis attended a groundbreaking event for the Fore River Bridge Replacement Project, where he received an award shovel in celebration of his successful public involvement effort. The ceremony commenced the construction of the much needed replacement of the Fore River Bridge in Boston’s South Shore.

The Route 3A Fore River Bridge is a vital link to Boston’s South Shore community, stretching between Weymouth and Quincy, MA and carrying approximately 32,000 motor vehicles on an average week day. Due to the deterioration of the original Fore River Bridge built in 1932, MassDOT sought to replace the landmark structure with a permanent movable bridge that safely and efficiently meets the needs of the motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and maritime users of the surrounding communities.

The Fore River Bridge is being replaced through the Patrick-Murray Administration’s historic, $3 billion Accelerated Bridge Program (ABP). The replacement of the Fore River Bridge is one of the most significant projects undertaken through the ABP. The replacement bridge will consist of three approach spans on the Quincy side, a main span with the lift towers at either end of it, and three approach spans on the Weymouth side. The bridge will consists of two 12-foot eastbound and two 12-foot westbound lanes, a 5-foot bicycle accommodating shoulder in both directions and a sidewalk in both directions.

The vertical lift type was selected based on the ability to minimize environmental and right-of-way impacts, the ability to use accelerated construction techniques, construction and life-cycle costs, ease of construction staging and the public desire for fewer bridge openings. The new permanent vertical lift bridge will cost approximately $244 million to build and will carry the vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians that use the 3A corridor for at least 75 years to come.

HSH facilitated the MassDOT public involvement process for the bridge replacement with the goal of building trust in the project and the skilled team selected to deliver it. HSH has acted as the point of contact for the community in orchestrating project briefings for both public and stakeholder groups and publishing documentation from these meetings on the dedicated project website.

As a result of diligent public involvement process, the Fore River Bridge Replacement Project has achieved general public consensus and is now officially under construction.

For more information on the Fore River Bridge Replacement Project, please visit www.massdotprojectsforeriverbridge.info.