Complete Streets + Safe Routes to School

May 02, 2022

Combining Funding Programs Can Help You Achieve Greater Success!

Complete Streets and Safe Routes to School projects improve safety for all users on our roadways and sidewalks whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, or motorists. Combining the available funding for these programs also has the potential to increase safety significantly for school children as well as the community. Howard Stein Hudson (HSH) has planned, designed, and delivered Safe Routes to School and Complete Streets projects from Salisbury to Agawam.

Summer is a great time to address your school access and mobility plans. HSH can help your municipality secure funding, providing the best path forward to completing your projects.  Please contact Erin to start a conversation on the available possibilities.

Examples of Cost-effective Safety Enhancements,
Particularly at Schools:


Pedestrian-activated Crosswalk
Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons increase drivers’ awareness and are a great option for increasing drivers’ stopping rates for students or parents crossing at school zone, mid-block, and multi-lane uncontrolled crossings.
Curb Extensions
These significantly improve pedestrian crossings by reducing the pedestrian crossing distance, improving the ability of pedestrians and motorists to see each other, and reducing the time that pedestrians are in the street.
High Visibility Crosswalks
High visibility markings improve visibility of a crosswalk compared to the standard parallel lines. Parking restrictions on the crosswalk approach improve the sightlines for motorists and pedestrians.
Bicycle Racks
Bicycle racks provide a safe, secure designated storage area for bicycles on school campuses. Installing easily accessible bicycle storage at your school is a key component in encouraging pupils to make their daily journey to and from school by bike and encourages healthy, active lifestyles.

Meet Our Team


Erin Reed
Manager of Community Engagement

Erin focuses on facilitating communication between the school administrators, parents, and designers to enhance safety for school children. Her extensive experience as the Senior Statewide Coordinator for the MassDOT Safe Routes to School Program informs her work with many municipalities to improve safety and access to schools.

Ashley Pierre-Louis
Complete Streets/
Community Engagement Specialist
Ashley is an experienced Community Engagement specialist with extensive understanding and experience working with several cities and towns to create Complete Streets Prioritization Plans that widen MassDOT’s required scope to include tools they can use to take advantage of development mitigation, repaving work, and other opportunities.

Jocelyn Dewire, EIT
School Campus Infrastructure Specialist
Jocelyn is an experienced Project Manager who has designed multiple Safe Routes to School projects. Some of the features include intersection, sidewalk, and traffic signal improvements; crosswalks; and pedestrian curb ramps. Jocelyn has helped deliver numerous Safe Routes to School projects throughout the Commonwealth.