Check Out The New Roundabouts On Route 28 in Chatham!

August 30, 2021

HSH was pleased to work with the Town of Chatham, MassDOT, and Lawrence Lynch Corporation to deliver effective roadway improvements for residents of Chatham and Cape Cod.

The Route 28 roadway project in West Chatham extends from Barn Hill Road to George Ryder Road, was developed through a comprehensive public process, and includes:

  • Two modern roundabouts that provide steady flow through yield control while minimizing the impact on adjacent property;
  • 10-foot shared use path and new sidewalk for bikes and pedestrians; and
  • Human-scaled urban design that enhances the character of West Chatham.

Meet Our Team

Keri Pyke, P.E., PTOE, Principal of Planning
Mark Gravallese, Associate Principal, Manager of Public Infrastructure
Bridget Myers, P.E., Associate, Project Manager
Robbie Burgess, P.E., PTOE, Associate Principal, Manager of Construction Services