Dan Nelson, P.E.

Associate Principal,
Roadway Design Technical Leader,
Senior Civil Engineer 


Dan has compiled more than 20 years of engineering experience. From roundabouts in Chatham to circulation analysis at Tanglewood, Dan has worked on a impactful projects across the state. His intricate knowledge of engineering provides Dan the ability to work diligently with clients and excel at delivering projects that meet their needs.

Dan’s favorite projects include the reconstruction of Museum Road/Forsyth Way and the Connect Historic Boston Path. He is passionate about safety and improving roadway networks for all users. Dan has worked on various high crash locations, and is pleased to have been part of the reconstruction of the intersection of Cotuit and Harlow Roads in Sandwich.

As a Technical Leader Dan utilizes his skills to teach and guide younger engineers at HSH. He commands and oversees training courses for employees of all levels of experience.