Remembering Alfred “Alf” Howard, P.E.

May 30, 2023

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of Alfred “Alf” Howard, P.E.  Alf joined Jane and Kathy at HSH in 1988 and contributed greatly to establishment of the firm’s engineering practice, serving as our first Chief Engineer.

Alf provided expertise and sage advice on the many infrastructure projects in Boston and around the region.  From the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel project to Boston’s Intelligent Vehicle Highway System and Logan’s West Garage Project, Alf’s practical engineering sense helped make these projects a reality for future generations, and he certainly left his fingerprints on this great city and Howard Stein Hudson.

Like Jane and Kathy, Alf firmly embraced the importance of work-life balance, and his example translated into a staff that has enjoyed lifetime careers with HSH.  Alf had over a dozen familiar phrases which he shared with generations of HSH staff and people that he met, and they are as applicable today as they were on his retirement over 20 years ago.  One such saying was “You have to fill the time between birth and death with something”… and he certainly did that, influencing and mentoring many of the people he met in his life’s journey in such a positive way.

Alf was always optimistic and generous with his time and energy.  After retiring in 2002, Alf spent his summers with Jane in Nova Scotia and enjoyed his and Jane’s family and friends.  He is loved and will be missed by us all, but his contribution to the foundation of this company will remain forever. Alf’s legacy: