Washington Village, South Boston

DJ Properties LLC
South Boston, Massachusetts

HSH is the transportation planning and traffic engineering consultant for the design and permitting of this transformative project located along Old Colony Avenue, Damrell Street, and Alger Street near Andrew Square in South Boston. The Project proposes the redevelopment of an underutilized 4.89 acre site along Damrell Street. Old Colony Avenue, and Alger Street in South Boston. The redevelopment will include eight new residential buildings, some with parking and most with ground floor retail, as well as a new street network, plaza, and green spaces. The Project will include approximately 656 residential units, 99,000 square feet of retail space, 648 parking spaces, and 42,500 sf of new open space, and a total of approximately 2.4 acres of new public realm. HSH prepared comprehensive transportation studies for Boston’s Article 80 permitting process and the state’s MEPA review process. HSH also assisted the Project team with complex design issues related to parking management, loading and building servicing, traffic circulation, roadway design, pedestrian accommodations, and transportation-related mitigation.