Tontine Crescent, Boston

Millennium Partners
Boston, Massachusetts

HSH is involved in a transformative project to create pedestrian walkways from currently underutilized streets, harking back to its usage 100 years ago.  This new public space will be accessible by bicycle and pedestrians from Millennium Tower on Franklin Street to the proposed Winthrop Square project.  Called The Tontine Crescent due to its original design, this progressive project will replace underutilized vehicular right of way with new public space, traffic signals, and bicycle accommodations.   

During the last 12 years, HSH has played a major role in the development of Millennium Tower at Downtown Crossing from permitting through construction phase services. In collaboration with HSH and the City, the developer will be implementing a tactical pedestrian intervention plan to advance to the final completed design; this plan will involve installing temporary curbing, planters, and barriers to create a public space within the existing roadway, as well as placing bollards where the final proposed bump outs are to be located and applying new pavement markings consistent with the final design. This interim trial plan will be in place throughout the summer before advancing to the final built conditions with permanent materials in place.