Bulfinch Crossing Tower Construction Management Plan, Boston

The HYM Investment Group, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts

HSH developed and executed a Construction Management Plan (CMP) for the Bulfinch Crossing Tower, including the demolition of the existing site and construction of a new tower. Due to the proximity of the roadway to the site, special considerations was needed for demolition of the existing stair and elevator tower. HSH managed the closure of 3 Merrimac Street in the inbound/southbound direction beneath the overhead garage, and closure of two lanes along New Chardon Street, resulting in the detour of traffic around the site. The detour took place in September on weekend hours to alleviate the traffic disruption. During this process, the CMP needed to be revised to add an additional construction area on the opposite side of Merrimac Street on the east parcel to allow for disposal equipment, including a trash chute and dumpster.