Public Meetings Go Virtual!

April 17, 2020

Public Meetings Go Virtual!  On Thursday April 16th, MassDOT and the City of Worcester held a virtual public meeting to inform the community of the permanent reversal of Harding and Millbury Streets as part of the Kelley Square Improvement Project.  These two streets form an important gateway into downtown Worcester.

Audience members were able to utilize the virtual platform to engage with the project team by asking questions and offering feedback in real time.  With 40 audience members, as many participants joined virtually as did at the construction phase’s physical kick-off meeting in the fall of 2019.  One community member wrote in her appreciation for the virtual session as soon as the meeting was over. Congratulations to MassDOT and the City of Worcester for engaging the community on important traffic changes.

Rest assured the business world hasn’t stopped, it’s just moving forward in a different way.  If you’d like an innovative approach that will allow you to continue to engage the public on your project, contact our public involvement team.

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