Katie Enright P.E. and Mark Gravallese recognized as new Associates.

September 10, 2015

Katie Enright, P.E., Manager of Chelmsford Office
Over the past 17 years, Katie has developed a reputation for delivering development projects. By focusing on northeastern Massachusetts, Katie has intricate knowledge of the area, including local requirements for any private land development project. Katie’s clear communication skills and civil engineering expertise ensure that our projects succeed swiftly, no matter the scale. Opening our new office in Chelmsford, with Katie at the helm, allows us to serve our clients more efficiently in the region. Click here for more information on Katie.

Mark Gravallese, Manager of Public Infrastructure, Boston
Mark manages the planning and design for complex, multimodal transportation projects in New England. Understanding the path to project delivery is Mark’s strength. Mark leads our public infrastructure group with strong communication skills, significant roadway design expertise and a passion for delivering multimodal transportation solutions. Click here for more information on Mark.

Please join us in congratulating Katie and Mark!