HSH Part of Consulting Team for the Turners Falls Downtown Livability Plan

October 26, 2012

Like hundreds of mill villages throughout New England, Turners Falls has spent several decades adjusting to socio-economic change brought on by the decline of traditional industries. Compounded by a long-term national trend of suburban sprawl, many of these villages also lost their Main Street shops, services and centers of civic life. Turners Falls, however, is coming through this transition with many of these historic resources intact along with the commitment of local citizens who care deeply about this special place. The community of Turners Falls is focused on restoring itself to a vibrant, mixed use and walkable village. HSH, as part of a multi-disciplined consulting team, has been selected to address these challenges and work to support and empower local residents, business owners and other stakeholders as they create a shared vision for the future and a clear and achievable implementation strategy. The final product will be a Downtown Livability Plan that includes a summary of assets, a vision statement, a retail market assessment, mobility improvement and parking recommendations, a redevelopment strategy for key properties, and downtown Turners Falls Concept Visualization drawings showing recommended physical improvements, target areas and reuse options for key properties.