HSH Experts Present on Multimodal and Green Innovation to MAITE/NEITE

October 26, 2013

HSH’s presence was strong at the 2013 Joint Annual Meeting of MAITE/NEITE on September 18, 2013. Each year, this event draws approximately 150 guests of the transportation engineering field to participate in training programs and technical sessions, followed by a social hour and dinner program. HSH’s Daniel Nelson, P.E., Manager of Roadway Design, hosted the evening as the current president of MAITE.

The focus of this years’ annual meeting was ‘Changing the Way We Build’. New England is in the midst of an extraordinary period of investment into its transportation infrastructure, bringing an enormous amount of construction on our roads that affect all types of users. Advancements in both means and methods have allowed engineers to be more innovative in their designs, while still reducing the impacts during construction.

HSH presented a technical session on the multimodal and green innovation techniques being applied to the nationally recognized River Street/Western Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation project. Alexandra Siu, P.E., PTOE, spoke about the Complete Streets aspects associated with the project, as these bridges will be the first in Massachusetts to feature bicycle signals and raised cycle tracks. James Downing spoke about stormwater management and utilities techniques, as much as the project’s design was driven by the pre-established utility location. Finally, Bryan Zimolka discussed HSH’s method for managing traffic during construction of the two bridges on the heavily congested roadways. Hardesty and Hanover also participated on the panel as the structural lead on this project.

Thank you to all who participated in the MAITE/NEITE meeting, we look forward to seeing you at the next event!