HSH and Dodson & Flinker Honored by the American Planning Association

October 26, 2013

turnerfallsCongratulations to HSH’s Ted Brovitz and Peter Flinker of Dodson & Flinker on their recent Planning Project Award for the Downtown Turner’s Falls Livability Plan. The American Planning Association, Massachusetts Chapter (APA-MA/MAPD), awards this honor to a specific project, bylaw, or ordinance of unusually high merit. The prestigious award was formally presented at the APA-MA/MAPD Annual Awards & Luncheon on Friday December 13, 2013 at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge.

Like hundreds of mill villages throughout New England, Turners Falls has spent several decades adjusting to socio-economic change brought on by the decline of traditional industries. With a HUD Sustainable Communities Grant, HSH and Dodson & Flinker are assisting the Town in addressing these challenges, and working to support and empower local residents, business owners and other stakeholders as they create a shared vision for the future and a clear and achievable implementation strategy. The final product will be a Downtown Livability Plan that includes a summary of assets, a vision statement, a retail market assessment, mobility improvement and parking recommendations, a redevelopment strategy for key properties, and downtown Turners Falls Concept Visualization drawings showing recommended physical improvements, target areas and reuse options for key properties.