Chelmsford Route 129 Business Community Overlay District

February 08, 2018

The Town of Chelmsford recently rezoned a stretch of Route 129 to allow for multifamily housing,  amenities, and services to be integrated within the historically industrial district.  The intent of the rezoning was to attract and retain more businesses to the area, and provide a vibrant community with dining and other amenities available.

HSH worked with the Town to develop an inventory of the properties within the overlay district, and pinpoint available space and development opportunities. HSH also worked with Town staff to develop preliminary marketing materials for the new overlay, including a brochure and imagery depicting the future gateway to the 129 overlay district showing the potential created by the approval of the overlay.

With an intimate knowledge of the overlay and the permitting process within the overlay district, HSH worked with a network of commercial real estate developers to pinpoint opportunities and facilitate the implementation of the new overlay.     These efforts have resulted in the first of many new projects within the district, a multifamily housing project consisting of 168 residential apartment units on nine (9) acres, filling an important need in the vision of  a live, work, play environment so many businesses desire.

Next up is a pedestrian friendly restaurant and retail service package located along the corridor, to allow for companies along the corridor to have a convenience option within the district.

The Town of Chelmsford has engaged with a marketing consultant to develop a branding strategy to attract additional businesses in the area, as well as hired a business development director to attract and retain businesses in the area, among other goals.

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