Shared Use Path Planning and Design Guide


HSH is the lead consultant working on the development of the MassDOT Shared Use Path Planning and Design Guide. This project draws on HSH’s expertise in planning, design, and construction as the guide walks the user through all the necessary steps to initiate and complete a successful shared use path project. It includes guidance on best practices for planning, design, and public engagement, in addition to outlining key processes such as identifying funding sources, programming, Right of Way (ROW), permitting, and cost estimating. As supplements to the guide, HSH has created a Cost Estimating Tool, which asks the user a series of questions and returns an initial cost estimate for the project, and an introductory Planning Primer.

Building on the success of the MassDOT Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide, the MassDOT Shared Use Path Planning and Design Guide will be a visually rich resource, with easy-to-find information and reference material. The document will be accessible, follow specific Commonwealth enterprise standards, and be compliant with Federal standards including Section 508.