Boston Landing, Brighton

NB Guest Street Associates, LLC
Boston, Massachusetts

The 1.45M square-foot (sf) mixed-use development on 14 acres in Boston’s Allston/Brighton neighborhood is anchored by the New Balance Headquarters and hotel, along with an ice rink housing the practice arena of the Boston Bruins, a practice facility for the Boston Celtics, a sports complex housing track and field facilities, office space, and residential building.

HSH conducted a comprehensive study of transportation impacts at over 30 intersections near the site and determined a phased approach to transportation mitigation that will be tied to various levels of project completion. As the campus continued to evolve, HSH worked on the design, permitting, and construction of roadway, sidewalk, and bicycle accommodation improvements committed to by the Project. HSH conducted observations at the new Boston Landing Commuter Rail station and assessed pedestrian activity along Guest Street. As construction progressed on the different buildings, HSH developed construction management plans (CMPs) addressing traffic management, truck routing, and guidelines for controlling key components of construction activity.