728 East Broadway, South Boston

The Cronin Group
South Boston, Massachusetts

HSH prepared the Construction Management Plan (CMP) for the demolition of an existing two-story parking garage and construction of a five-story mixed-use development comprised of 18 residential units, 5,800 square feet (sf) of retail, and an underground garage along the busy arterial of East Broadway in South Boston. The constrained parcel comprises 9,416 sf of gross land area within a busy commercial area, abutting two restaurants, a Rite Aid, and a vacant building. 

To provide sufficient space for construction and material deliveries while accommodating accessible pedestrian and vehicular movements around the site abutting properties, HSH designed a travel and parking lane that were temporarily utilized as the workzone. The team also created protected pedestrian detour areas for necessary portions of construction. The rear access driveway was utilized throughout for various activities. By selecting appropriate equipment and procedures and utilizing the rear driveway, several phases were able to be completed without the need of any takings within the public Right of Way to limit public disruption while continuously providing appropriate working areas.