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February 01, 2020

Effective Complete Streets Prioritization

Change is in the Air

There’s a changing mindset on getting from Point A to Point B and the health benefits of active transportation. Howard Stein Hudson (HSH) identifies strategies for change that ensure that public and private projects incorporate elements that encourage more walking, biking, and transit.

How HSH Can Help You

  • Establish a Complete Streets administrative policy, by-law, or ordinance (including assistance with community engagement);
  • Set realistic mode-share goals for walking, biking, and transit, and identify effective programs to reach those goals;
  • Develop a procedure to include Complete Streets elements when repairing, upgrading, or expanding any municipal roadway, or when private development proposals promise to do so;
  • Prepare your Complete Streets Prioritization Plan;
  • Perform Complete Streets peer reviews;
  • Design your Complete Streets project; and
  • Assist with construction inspection of your Complete Streets projects.

 The Right Thing to Do For Economic Vitality

Creating streets that encourage walking, biking, and transit isn’t just the right thing to do – it promotes economic vitality in your business districts; increases value in residential areas; and opens up access to parks, schools, and other facilities. A community that is healthy and active is a more attractive location for industry.

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