Coffee Hour: Women’s Equality Day

September 07, 2022

This August, HSH’s E&I Committee hosted a coffee hour in honor of Women’s Equality Day. Women’s Equality Day occurs every year on August 26, and it observes the progress women made fighting for equal rights, as well as the current-day struggle women face to reach equality in all aspects of life and society. As part of the coffee hour, HSH staff member Maddy Blanchard gave a presentation on the work we did for Eileen’s House. Eileen’s House is a substance abuse treatment facility exclusively for women located in the Lower Mills neighborhood. It provides a 6-month residential treatment program as well as behavioral health and addiction education, treatment, and recovery support. This facility is the latest project of the Gavin Foundation, a prominent non-profit founded in South Boston whose core mission is the restoration of dignity from addiction through treatment, education, and support.

HSH was civil engineer for the redevelopment of the house, and our main responsibilities included utility design and going through the BWSC site plan approval process. Renovation work inside of the building started last winter, and the utility work was done this spring. The facilities are now ready for use! HSH is honored to have taken part in this project, bettering the Boston community. If you are curious and want to read more on Eileen’s House or the Gavin Foundation, please visit their website:


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