Coffee Hour: Mental Health Break

June 23, 2022

In January 2022, the E&I committee presented on Mental Health in the Workplace which led to meaningful, anonymous discussions on how staff members were doing, things that were affecting their mental health, and how individuals deal with a tough mental health day. In a continued effort to prioritize the well-being of our staff, our May coffee hour was presented by Tufts Health Care to showcase the wellness benefits available to HSH employees. Although not everyone is enrolled in the medical plan, the Tufts Living Well Portal is available to everyone, including adult dependents, guests, and non-member participants.

Tufts presented the many opportunities they offer (live and on-demand classes, mindfulness programs, health coaching, and more) for the first half of the coffee hour. For the second half, staff was encouraged to close their screens and take time for some self-care.  Whether it was a walk, yoga, meditation, or reading, HSH offered that time to help staff refresh and recharge. HSH acknowledges the importance of the mental health of our staff and encourages everyone to take care of themselves.

Need an idea for a self-care destination?  Check out the Northern Strand Community Trail for all-ages walking, biking, and rolling. HSH has been a partner to the City of Everett on this project since the beginning, completing the planning study that selected a concept alignment to meet the physical and environmental challenges of filling this critical gap in the network. HSH continues to assist on Northern Strand through Construction Services for the trail extension under Route 16 to connect to the Mystic Riverfront. A future phase will extend the trail through separated facilities along existing roads in Lynn, to reach Nahant Beach.


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