Coffee Hour: Mental Health and the Importance of Our Whole Selves

February 09, 2022

The Equity & Inclusion Committee used its monthly Coffee Hour on January 20 to focus on Mental Health. Utilizing Jamboard, staff had the opportunity to reflect on their current wellbeing, share their common stressors and pick-me-ups, and offer suggestions on how to improve mental health wellness in the workplace. Though anonymous, the exercise revealed several common threads among staff, including frustration with ongoing pandemic conditions, the bleak winter weather, and feelings of isolation.

After this self-reflection, staff watched a video together (link below) about the 4 M’s of Mental Health: Mastery, Meaningful Engagement, Mindfulness, and Movement, and gathered in small groups to discuss what they do to improve their mental health – both outside of and during work. Small group discussions also focused on how conversations around mental health have evolved and the ways we can continue to prioritize mental health. At the conclusion of small group discussion, many pointed out that the January Coffee Hour was a good step towards normalizing mental health wellbeing in the workplace and that continued discussions are necessary, wanted, and highly encouraged by staff!

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