Coffee Hour: Juneteenth

July 12, 2022

HSH’s June Coffee celebrated and educated our staff about the origins of Juneteenth, a recognized federal holiday that began June 19, 1865, as Union soldiers finally made it to Texas to declare the end of the war and that all enslaved were now free. As part of the coffee hour, HSH watched a video about the origins of Juneteenth, how it came to be a way to celebrate the end of slavery, and what this day means to Black Americans.

The group discussed when and how we learned about Juneteenth. While it became a federal holiday in 2021, the origins and the celebrations were little known throughout the country, and many, prior to 2021, had not been taught in schools or had even previously heard about this holiday. We discussed appropriate ways in which to educate our peers and families and how to incorporate and celebrate this with our friends and peers. The conversation included ways in which we could celebrate including attending local events and supporting organized celebrations, getting together with family, enjoying some food, and supporting our Black-owned businesses.

We also brainstormed about how to support this cause year-round by continuing to educate ourselves and others, surrounding ourselves with people who are different from us, supporting minority businesses, and learning and supporting cultural differences to continue the celebration.

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