Comprehensive Plan Facilitation, Public Engagement, and Plan Creation, Lexington

Town of Lexington
Lexington, Massachusetts

HSH is facilitating the public education, outreach, and participation aspects of the Lexington Comprehensive Plan update, Lexington Next. Working closely with the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC), HSH is creating and carrying out a robust framework of public engagement and outreach designed to build the civic capacity of the CPAC, engage and channel the passion of town residents, and support the needs of the Town in updating its guiding plan for physical development.

HSH created a series of guiding principles for planning, stewarded the town through the Learning and Visioning stages of the planning process, and are preparing to carry forward the effort into Planning and Implementation. The engagement campaign includes designing a set of recognizable project branding; design and facilitation of public engagement events including World Cafés, traditional public meetings, pop-up events, online surveys, and stakeholder interviews; attending and helping facilitate the monthly meetings of the CPAC; and support to Town staff with the production of polished, professional, attractive, and useful engagement materials.